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dsc_1683Pastor Snode grew up in Butler, Ohio and attended Mansfield Baptist Temple where he was saved and trained to serve the Lord. He married his wife Heidi in the summer of 2001, and they have two sons.   For six years, Pastor Snode served as an assistant pastor in Clarkston, Michigan where he was ordained in 2004. The Lord impressed upon his heart the need for a vibrant, independent Baptist church in Wayne County, Ohio.  With the help of the Lord and like-minded ministries, North Life Baptist Church was launched in January of 2009.  He currently holds a B.A. in Pastoral Ministries from Pensacola Christian College and an M.A. in Biblical Counseling from Maranatha Baptist Seminary.  In the fall of 2021, the Snodes launched Inspire Counseling Ministries, a biblically-based initiative to help churches and those ministers/wives who lead them practically breathe in what God has graciously breathed out through His all-sufficient Word.  Pastor Snode is passionate about learning and communicating Biblical truth for strong families, local church ministry, and transformative counseling.

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  1. I’ve been told that hopefully I can find a good counselor to help me.
    I’m a 64 year old mother of three. Remarried in 2017 . I finally paid attention and got still and He provided, just as promised. I had a breakdown in 2012, divorce, my mom passed away, whom I’d taken care of since I was 15. Also, a host of other stuff , too much at one time. They called it the perfect storm. At 52 I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, bipolar mixed on the lower end of the spectrum. PTSD, from past trams. I have had EMDR. A more therapy than I deserve. I’ve done well until COVID we live in the country on acres and being so isolated wasn’t good for me.
    I have two daughters, who aren’t speaking to me now. Won’t until I get therapy . I’ve tried, seen a few but not had success. Do you offer services to individuals over FaceTime ? I have Medicare and a supplement.
    Sincerely, (901) 337-7702

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