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Have you ever observed how quickly the flavor of chewing gum evaporates?  Have you noticed that not only the flavor but also the favor of this world is at best a fleeting shadow?  For the post, the question is how do we, in the midst of a temporal world, experience the eternally fixed blessings of God?

God’s “forever favor” in your life is the result of two commitments described in Psalm 112:

  1. Embrace divine principles.
  2. Expect divine prosperity.
  • Established Prosperity

The first blessing is that your descendants will be established.  Parents and Grandparents, it is not ultimately about your prosperity but that of your descendants!

They will be blessed with might (2a).  May we not be a burden that weakens but a blessing that strengthens.  They will be blessed with influence (2b-“generation”).  May our name not close doors but open doors of opportunity that enable them to impact an entire generation.  They will be blessed with wealth  (3a).  “Reverse Mortgages” may have their place in this world today but not in the spiritual realm!  May we not provide an overwhelming debt but a supernaturally abundant inheritance.  They will also receive righteousness  (3b)  May we not leave fleshly habits but holy examples to remember and follow. Lastly, your descendants can receive discernment (4a).  May we not demonstrate carelessness but clarity.

Penny Brown and Kevin Stephan both owe their lives to the other. Kevin was an 11-year-old batboy in July of 1999 when a player accidentally dealt him a severe blow to the chest with a bat while warming up. Kevin passed out, and his heart stopped beating.  Penny (a nurse) was at the game to watch her son play when she saw this transpire. She rushed down to Kevin and performed CPR which brought him back. Kevin’s mother said he was very fortunate because Penny was scheduled to work that day and had been given the day off at the last minute.  Fast forward seven years. Penny Brown is eating in a restaurant at Depew, New York when she begins to choke on her food and cannot breathe. Kevin worked as a dishwasher in that restaurant and was immediately called to help Penny because he was a volunteer firefighter.  Kevin performed the Heimlich maneuver and dislodged the food that was suffocating Penny. After saving her life he realized that she was the lady that had saved his life seven years earlier.  The greatest way to “secure the future” is to properly invest in the next generation in your home, community, and church!

With God’s blessing not only will your seed but your heart will be established.  First you will live without fear (7a, 8).  Researchers at Johns Hopkins University reported that 30 years ago, the greatest fears of grade school children were: 1) Animals, 2) Being in a dark room, 3) High places, 4) Strangers, 5) Loud noises. Today, kids are afraid of the following: 1) Divorce, 2) Nuclear war, 3) Cancer, 4) Pollution, 5) Being mugged.  When you fear the Lord (v. 1), you can be fearless toward all others!

You will also be able to endure with faith (7b).  Where are the faith-filled leaders today?  Proverbs 28:1 declares, “The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion.”  On a Memorial Day many years ago, Minot J. Savage said, “The brave die never, though they sleep in dust; their courage nerves a thousand living men.”

  • Elevated Prosperity  (9-10)

I was recently reading of “Brotox,” men using Botox, that has become a recently popular trend among men over fear of competition with younger men in business and personal life.  Without shallow cosmetic surgery, your reputation can be elevated by the Lord (9a).  Proverbs 14:34 reminds us, “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.”  Your sin, no matter how secret, brings lasting shame.  Your righteousness, no matter how small, brings lasting honor!

Also your authority will be elevated (9b-10).  “Horn” is often a picture of authority in the Bible.  One author asserts, “In contrast with the blessings of God-fearers, the wicked will be filled with anxiety over God’s goodness to the righteous. The wicked, who are about to perish (waste away), will be powerless over the righteous.”

Why does righteousness last and wickedness perish?  Because one aligns with the eternal God (righteousness) and one is the antithesis of God (wickedness).  “And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever” (I John 2:15).

It is my prayer that the Lord will strengthen our commitment to experience the forever favor only He can offer as our eternal God!

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What are specific ways that we can elevate our principles?

Here is the video link to this entire study “Forever Favor.”