Men, have you reached the stage of thinking about your proverbial “red sport car” yet?  In his book, The Exemplary Husband, Stuart Scott bluntly challenges us men to see our midlife from the perspective of stewardship:

“Many men reach a time in their lives when they are discontented and disillusioned with life as they know it, especially in their marriages.  Some become completely overwhelmed with a sense of futility.  As a result, they may seek to change their lives in drastic ways.  A total change in appearance, a new sports car, and new woman, unfortunately, are not merely cliches.  The world refers to this time as ‘the midlife crisis.’  In actuality these actions are usually the end result of a lack of faithfulness to God, to their wives, and to the right goals in life.  Any exemplary husband will have the right goals and seek to apply them faithfully in his marriage as well as in all that God has given him.”

These goals can be summarized into two:

1.  Walk with God.

2.  Glorify God.

II Co. 5:9 Wherefore we labour, that, whether present or absent, we may be accepted of him.

A midlife crisis is not a random phenomenon; it is the direct result of a mismanaged life!  Do you have to prop up your life with the “red sports car” items of this temporal world or do you have more?  Men, bluntly put, we need to change goals or lose our God-given identity and destiny.