If you haven’t caught on yet, I am passionate about coffee…maybe a little too much. For full disclosure, I just realized that I am sipping coffee as I lay down this random post. My relationship with coffee began with my wife Heidi while we were dating (I think my love for coffee has now eclipsed hers.)

Not only have a I grown to love coffee but the culture and connections that grow around it…including quotes about coffee.  Several years ago, an elderly gentleman in our church shared the first quote on coffee that stuck in my mind: “Drinking decaffeinated coffee is like trying to kiss over the phone.”   Hilarious! That still makes me laugh as I type it out again.

Because I am all about contributing to the good of mankind, here are a few other cataloged quotes I have seen online, in coffee shops, on coffee mugs and merchandise to inject some lighthearted “caffeine” into your day:

  1. “Before coffee I hate everybody.  After coffee, I feel good about hating everybody.
  2. “I only need coffee on days that end in ‘y.'”
  3. “A yawn is a silent scream for coffee.”
  4. “Procaffeinating: (n) the tendency not to start anything until you have had a cup of coffee.”
  5. “A cup of coffee with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent.”
  6. “There is no life without water because water is needed to make coffee.”
  7. “With enough coffee, I can dress myself and use my grownup manners.”
  8. “No coffee, no workee.”
  9. “It seems strange how drinking eight cups of water seems impossible, but eight cups of coffee go down like a chubby kid on a seesaw.”
  10. “Coffee is a language in itself.”
  11. “Bad day? Coffee. Good day? Coffee. Stressed? Coffee. Inspired? Coffee. Coffee? Coffee.”
  12. “Caffeine is the foundation of my food pyramid.”
  13. “I am not addicted to coffee; we are just in a committed relationship.”
  14. “Depresso: the feeling you get when you run out of coffee.”
  15. “What to hear a joke? Decaf.”
  16. And my favorite-“Coffee: a liquid hug for your brain.”

I hope my fellow coffee aficionados thoroughly enjoy this tongue-in-cheek post.  For the rest of you disciplined-but-probably-dull people out there, I trust it at least helps you understand us coffee-breath fanatics a little more and piques your interest on what vital component is missing in your life.  Just kidding…kinda.

What other memorable quote would you add to my growing coffee catalogue?