Psalm 74:17 “Thou hast set all the borders of the earth: thou hast made summer and winter.”

School is out.  Summer is in.  How should we begin these warmer months in a way that preserves our spiritual vitality?  Pray.

Here is a prayer that I am praying for myself, my family, and my church: (Would you join me?)


Thank you for the gift of seasons and their faithful reminder of your sovereign hand over all creation including me.  If you hand make every day, then this summer, filled with such gloriously long days, is yours!

As I enter your summer, help me to be faithful to you.

Draw me nearer to you than I have ever been before through sweet, spiritual moments with your Spirit that no change of pace or carnal appeal can compromise.  

Open my eyes that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law unto which no temporal pursuit can measure up.

Open my heart to cry out to you persistently in authentic, organic prayer that no other tune or topic can as deeply stir.

As my family enters your summer, help us to be faithful to you.

Help my marriage to reach its full potential through intimate, covenant fellowship that no stranger or struggle can displace.

Work in the hearts of my children (and grandchildren) as we build not only memories but connections to God and His creation for which no artificial or virtual replacement can suffice.

As we interact with others, help us to maintain the posture of a servant that no territorial, our-time tendency can squelch.

As my church enters your summer, help us to be faithful to you.

Help our church leadership to stand up under the spiritual heat of the summer and experience profound personal growth and soul fruit that no shortcuts can deliver.

Multiply and expand the financials of the church body to fund extra initiatives and expansions that no erratic, forgetful attendance numbers can undercut.

Inspire those who do the little things to persevere in obscurity for eternal rewards that no temporal spotlight can illuminate.

Help me to realize, that like the rest of my life, every breath and every moment of this summer is a gift from You and therefore is a matter of stewardship.  May the fall, if You tarry you coming, find me in the center of your will with much to celebrate about the God and me time of this dawning summer that is now upon us.

In Jesus’ Bright and Glorious Name,