As we approach yet another Mother’s Day in our churches, we would do well to recognize that while for some it is the ideal season of family warm and picturesque love, for others it is a mixed, heavy bag of painful memories, loneliness, and unfulfilled desires. What do we do with the hearts and lives that are not warm and fuzzy but wilted and even jilted? How should we respond to this emotionally complicated day in our local church ministries? One word: “Blessing.” We should should choose to make the dear ladies of our church and community feel seen and loved not just by us but our God “from whom all blessings flow.”

Here is a transcript of a video that we are showing this year in our Mother’s Day Service at North Life that can effectively guide our Spirit-led approach to whatever situation and season each of our ladies finds themselves this year for the first or umpteenth time:

Today is Mother’s Day

And we want to acknowledge all the women

We are blessed to know

We rejoice over you

For your strength and wisdom

Your strong love and beautiful faith

Whether today is a celebration for you

Or a day of quiet reflection for you

We are thinking of all of you

If you gave birth this year to your first child

Our joy overflows and we celebrate you

If you adopted a child, this year or became a foster parent

We rejoice with you, and we want to honor you

And your commitment to changing the lives of children

If you continue to struggle with infertility

We are hoping with you

And holding your hand in prayer

If you exhausted and feeling under-appreciated

For all you do for a house full of kids

We applaud you; we love you

And we appreciate you more than you can ever imagine

And if you lost a child to death or miscarriage

We weep and mourn with you

And if your child is lost to addiction or to the world

We hurt with you

And we join you in putting our hope

In the One who brings prodigals home

If you live with painful memories of your mom

We pray that you will find in a spiritual mother

All that you never had in a birth mother

If you are one of those spiritual moms

We thank you for stepping up and being there

When other couldn’t

If you are experiencing an empty nest for the first time this year

We walk with you in this new season

And are excited about the next chapter God has planned for you

If you are single

We celebrate your strength, beauty, individuality

And join with you in praying for the desires of your heart

If you are single mom

And wonder if you have the physical energy and financial resources

To raise and provide for your children or child

We want to help you and we will.

And if you are pregnant for the first time

We prayerfully anticipate with you

The joyful birth of a healthy child

And to all the special women on this Mother’s Day

Rest and delight in knowing that we are thankful for you

And we celebrate each and every one of you.

With the above sentiment in our minds, hearts, and mouths, may the Lord help us to conduct our Mother’s Day festivities in a manner that includes and encourages ALL WOMEN. That’s the glorious gift of the gospel of Jesus…it offers gracious light and consistent warmth no matter what. May His church tenderly and comprehensively do the same again this weekend.

Video can purchased here:

Photo by Earl Wilcox on Unsplash