This past Sunday, the final one in “Pastor Appreciation Month”, was especially sweet because of precious notes that I received from our K3-6th graders at North Life Baptist Church. Thank you to their teachers and the kids themselves for bringing fresh laughter to my soul and tears to my face as I read/reread them. Here are a few of the highlights “out of the mouth of babes” that I trust will prove to be refreshing and insightful to others in the ministry:

  1. “He tells everybody about Jesus.” ~Daniel
  2. “You always greet people in the morning before you preach.” ~Sienna
  3. “You cares about people, God, and the Bible.” ~Kylie
  4. “Joyful.” ~Anonymous
  5. “He lets really nice missionaries preach.” ~George
  6. “You are on time.” ~Dylan
  7. “He buys pretty bows for his wife.” ~Naomi
  8. “You’re a good child of God.” ~Anonymous
  9. “Leah.” ~Leah
  10. “You preach.” ~Olivia
  11. “He talks good.” ~Jovie
  12. “You are getting people saved.” ~Nora
  13. “Thank you for teaching.” ~Brenna & Anabelle
  14. “You’re fun to be around.” ~Gabriel
  15. “He loves us.” ~Anonymous
  16. “You throw in a story with the lesson.” ~Sienna
  17. “…used to tell jokes.” ~Anonymous
  18. “I like that he is kind.” ~Bryce
  19. “I love how he shows us videos and pictures of places he has been.” ~George
  20. “He lets daddy run the sound booth.” ~Matthew
  21. “He is beautiful.” ~Naomi
  22. “He makes people love church forever.” ~Braxton

Only by God’s grace can any of these phrases be said about you or me…except for maybe the impossibility of the “beautiful” one for some of us :). Dear ministry leader, God is using you more than you feel right now…especially in the young hearts of the next generation who is looking up to you/inspired by you more deeply than you could even imagine. Keep going! Renew your vision and calling in the Lord for those who will come after you. It is worth it, but don’t take my word for it. Listen to a dear group of real, honest kids not only in Wooster, Ohio but your town, city, or burg as well. Truly, as one church leader wisely asserts, “Your greatest contribution to the kingdom of God may not be something you do but someone you raise.”

Picture Colored by Liliana